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SAML WebSSO Identity Provider Best Current Practice

Most information under this section is in Swedish due to that SWAMID Identity Providers are institutions of the Swedish Higher Educational Sector.

In SWAMID multiple brands of Identity Provider software are used: the two most usual are Shibboleth Identity Provider and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). On this HowTo page we'll concentrate on these two. For now most of the information will be for Shibboleth, but we'll add more and more information on ADFS.

Base installation of Shibboleth Identity Providers

Shibboleth Identity Provider

ADFS Identity Provider

Metadata and policy considerations

Example of metadata configuration, attribute resolvers and attribute filters

Extended configuration of Identity Providers

Shibboleth Identity Provider

ADFS Identity Provider

Example on multi-factor authentication techniques to use in SWAMID

Service Providers that need special integration considerations

Example on various Identity Provider configuration outside SWAMID Best Current Practice