SWAMID Identity Assurance Profile


The SWAMID Policy defines an Identity Assurance Profile this way:

An Assurance Profile describes levels of trust in claims and organizations. An Assurance Profile allows a Relying Party (also known as a Service Provider) to determine the degree of certainty that the identity of a Subject presenting a Claim of identity is truly represented by the presented claim. This degree of certainty is represented by a commonly agreed-upon "Level of Assurance". Identity assurance is to a large extent independent of the technology used to convey Claims of identity.

Levels of Assurance

Form more information on assurance profiles go to SWAMID Identity Assurance.

TCS eScience Personal Assurance

The TCS eScience Personal Certificate Policy requires conformance with the Euro GRID PMA policy. SWAMID Identity Assurance Profile 2 fulfills the requirements to request personal certificates.

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