Change process:

  1. Open ticket/set ticket to "in progress"

    1. If template change: Update template in lab first, test and then go to prod
    2. If settings change: Update settings in prod instance
  2. Dry run, if change might have a big impact implement on just a single device first or ask a colleague to verify diff as well
  3. Notify NOC if something might break
  4. Live run
  5. Check monitoring
  6. Update/close ticket

Firmware upgrade process:

  1. Open ticket/set ticket to "in progress"
  2. Verify in lab and document expected downtimes
  3. Upgrade isolated building/location first, wait 1 day
  4. Upgrade first half/partition of network
  5. Upgrade second half/partition of network
  6. Check monitoring
  7. Update/close ticket

Replace switch:

  1. Save any special interface configs: curl -ks -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT_AUTH_TOKEN" ${CNAASURL}/api/v1.0/device/eosaccess/interfaces
  2. Remove device from database
  3. ZTP new switch with same name
  4. Re-apply any interface configs ( compatible with nms v1.x to convert output json to input json , then curlĀ ks -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT_AUTH_TOKEN" ${CNAASURL}/api/v1.0/device/eosaccess/interfaces -X PUT -d outputfile.jsonĀ -H "Content-Type: application/json" )
  5. Update serial etc in NI?
  6. Update monitoring etc if management IP changed