CNaaS Installation

Infrastructure setup:

  1. Server installation (SUNET-specific for Dell VEP, skip this if you have other hardware)
  2. NMS installation
  3. NAC installation

Switch fabric setup:

  1. Add dist1 and dist2 via API call POST /api/v1.0/devices (set hostname, device_type=dist and platform/OS)
  2. Generate config for dist1 and dist2 GET /api/v1.0/device/dist1/generate_config
  3. Paste generated config to device via console
  4. Manually configure linknets from dist devices to management servers
  5. Add linknet configs to the settings git repository: device/dist1/{interfaces,routing}.yml and run refresh settings API call
  6. Try syncto dist1 and dist2 to make sure they are reachable and get correct configs
  7. Boot up core1 and watch for new DISCOVERED device in API, run device_initcheck on core devices and start init if it looks ok. Same for core2
  8. Additional dist devices can also be installed via ZTP

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