Product Documentation

This is a list of links to external documentation for products used in CNaaS:


CNaaS tools is a collection of tools for making things easier when working with CNaaS

Git for CNaaS users

Jinja2 Templates:

YAML Syntax:

YAML multiline syntax:


WireGuard VPN:

Docker compose:

Arista EOS: (Transfer of Information) (Designing and Deploying EVPN VxLAN Networks) (Dual-homing MLAG) (A/A Dual-homing with ESI)

Presentation/workshop om Arista Campus och VXLAN/EVPN (Swedish, SUNET specific, 3h, 2020-05)

Presentations - NMS

SUNET CNaaS workshop istället för SUNET-dagar 2020 (Swedish: Status vår 2020, planer, kom igång): CNaaS nms sunet-dagarna 2020-r1.pdf

CNaaS NMS NOC Training (English: Operations etc): CNaaS-NMS training 2020-02.pdf

GEANT MnM Workshop 2029 (English: Intro architecture, workflow, ZTP demo, status): CNaaS software architecture GeantMnMworkshopOkt2019.pdf

SUNET-dagarna 2019 (Swedish: Introduktion föreslagen arkitektur för NMS): CNaaS software architecture sunet-dagarna 2019.pdf

Demo Videos:

CNaaS NMS change workflow, VScode + WebUI (6m52s, 2020-07)

CNaaS NMS access ZTP via WebUI (5m01s, 2020-04)

CNaaS NMS firmware upgrade via WebUI (6m45s, new 2020-12)

CNaaS NMS WebUI commit change workflow (2m36s, 2020-04)

ZTP with access MLAG pair Arista (5m48s, 2020-04)

ZTP single Juniper access (3m46s , 2019-09)

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