NI How-to guide

Network inventory (NI) is for documenting the physical network.

  1. Add Site
  2. Add Room
  3. Place Room in Site
  4. Add Rack
  5. Place Rack in Room
  6. Add switch (should have been imported from NMS, if not, contact Sunet NOC) 
  7. Place switch in rack
  8. Add ODF (add the correct amount of ports)
  9. Place ODF in rack 
  10. Edit ODF and add ports (1+2 format preferred)
  11. Add cable - choose type Dark Fiber
  12. Edit created cable and go to connections, add both side ODFs with the correct ports
  13. Edit switch → Ports → add port (for example Et49)
  14. Connect the port to the correct ODF port

Keep doing this until the entire network is done.

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