Contact SWAMID

Contacts concerning the administrative and technical operation of SWAMID should primarily be addressed via email to End users should contact their local support at their own organisation or the support for service they have problems with.

If a security incident occurred that affect the SWAMID infrastructure, please notify SUNET CERT. SWAMID will follow a predefined security protocol described at the wiki page ”SWAMID Incident Management Procedures”.

SWAMID Operations

The address is tied to the SWAMID issue tracker. Please use this address to request assistance from the SWAMID Operations Team.

SWAMID Incident Management Procedures

SWAMID has defined procedures for handling a security incident. This routine is shared between SWAMID Operations and SUNET CERT. In case of an incident please follow the procedures described in the procedures linked above.

SWAMID Operations Members

  • Pål Axelsson, Sunet (tjänsteförvaltare SWAMID) -
  • Björn Mattsson, Sunet -
  • Fredrik Domeij, Umeå Universitet
  • Johan Peterson, Linköpings universitet
  • Johan Wassberg, Sunet
  • Mikael Frykholm, Sunet
  • Paul Scott, Karlstads Universitet
  • Tommy Larsson, Umeå universitet

Associated with SWAMID Operations

  • Anders Nilsson, Umeå universitet (tjänsteförvaltare eduroam)

The email list SWAMID SAML Admins

All administrators of SAML entities (IdPs and SPs) should subscribe to Send an email to with the word 'subscribe' in the subject or visit the URL above to subscribe and view the list archive.