Policy Review 2020-2022 - Community Consultation 3

SWAMID Operations invites everyone to read and comment on a proposal for a formalized process for implementing policy updates in SWAMID. 

The process is a formalization of the informal process SWAMID has had in policy updates since the start in 2007.

Policy documents included in Community Consensus Process 3

  • SWAMID Community Consultation Process v1.0

Zoom meetings for presentation and discussion

SWAMID Operations will not hold a meeting with a presentation and discussion about the change this time. The reason for this is that this is a formalization of the process already used.

Community Consensus Process Time Period

During the period May 6 to May 19 2021, it is possible to discuss and comment on the proposed changes. Subsequently, SWAMID Operations will go through comments and discussions that have emerged. The arenas for discussions and comments are the mailing list saml-admins and direct mail to SWAMID Operations.

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