Test, monitor and statistics tools

Test tools

  • SWAMID has a test suite for attribute release at https://release-check.swamid.se/ with the following tests
    • Show all attributes released to the test service. Replaces the old test service sp.swamid.se!
    • Verify that the Identity Provider handles entity categories correct as defined by SWAMID Best Practice
    • Verify that multi-factor login is handled correct
  • Test with the Shibboleth Identity Provider built in script aacli (/opt/shibboleth-idp/bin):

./aacli.sh -u https://fqdn.av.idp/idp -n <användarnamn> -r <entityID av tjänsten du vill testa mot>

Exempel: ./aacli.sh -u https://weblogin.kau.se/idp -n svensven -r https://connect.sunet.se/shibboleth

Monitor and statistics tools

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