4.3 Service Provider Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface (MDUI)

The configuration on this page is held in the federation's metadata and is not performed on the Service Provider (SP).

For Service Providers that use the SWAMID federation it is strongly recommended that at least the extensions <mdui:DisplayName> and <mdui:Description> is used. Some Entity Categories may require a specific use of MDUI Extensions in metadata.

To make a more user friendly federation login it is possible to present information about the requesting Service Provider (SP) on a Identity Provider (IdP) login page and in a Discovery Service (DS) selection with SAML V2.0 Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User interface Version 1.0 (MDUI). It is possible for the SP to add some metadata to their entry in the federations metadata feed which presents some basic information about the SP.

To add MDUI metadata for your Service Provider in the SWAMID metadata feed you need to create the XML data described on this page and send it to SWAMID Operations.

This page describes the MDUI metadata for Service Providers. There is a page in Swedish for Identity Provider MDUI metadata that can be presented in a Service Provider or a Discovery Service.

Example of MDUI use in an Identity Provider.

User Interface Information

The extensions for user interface information are intended to give more and better information about the Service Provider to both Indentity Providers and Discovery Services not included in the Service Provider. The information available via the extensions is a user friendly display name, a short description, a link to more infrmation about the Service Provider, a link to the Service Provider Privacy Statement and a link to a logotype.

Display name (<mdui:DisplayName>) *SHOULD*  (*MUST* if you request tagging with REFEDS R&S or GÉANT Code of Conduct)

Friendly name of the Service Provider, shall not be a domain name. With <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="sv"> and <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="en"> is it possible to supply friendly names in both Swedish and English.

Description (<mdui:Description>) *SHOULD* (*MUST* if you request tagging with REFEDS R&S or GÉANT Code of Conduct )

A shorter description (140 characters or less) of the Service Provider. It is recommended that there is a description in both Swedish and English.

Information URL (<mdui:InformationURL>) *MAY* (*MUST* if you request tagging with REFEDS R&S)

A URL to a web-page that complements the description with further information about the service that the Service Provider offers. It is possible to have different URLs for information in both Swedish and English.

Privacy Statement URL (<mdui:PrivacyStatementURL>) *MAY* (*MUST* if you request tagging with GÉANT Code of Conduct)

A URL to page that describes the End User Privacy Statement for the offered service. The Privacy Statement SHALL define which attributes are required for the service. The statement SHALL also describe what the attributes are used for. It is possible to have different URLs for information in both Swedish and English.

Logotype URL (<mdui:Logo>) *MAY*

A URL to the a image file of the service logotype. The logotype is used to enhance the information about the service provider at the Identity Provider login page. It may also be used by the Discovery Service. It is possible to have different Logotype URLs for both Swedish and English.

The logotype URL shall satisfy the following requirements:

  • the Service Provider Logotype URL MUST be specified using an HTTPS URL.
  • the resource at the Logotype URL MUST be an unprotected image resource.
  • the host that publish the Logotype URL MUST reside in a domain owned by the Service Provider.
  • the logotype MUST be of the types PNG (prefered) or GIF.
  • the size of the logotype MUST be defined in the XML tag, se the example.
  • the logotype SHOULD have transparent backgrounds and work both on white and gray backgrounds.
  • the size of the logotype SHOULD be between 64px to 350px wide and 64px to 146px high.
  • the logotype looks better if they are in a landscape rather than a portrait aspect ratio.

Example of extended metadata for the Service Provider Example

<mdui:UIInfo xmlns:mdui="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:metadata:ui">
  <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="sv">Exempel</mdui:DisplayName>
  <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="en">Example</mdui:DisplayName>
  <mdui:Description xml:lang="sv">Denna applikationen är ett exempel på MDUI-information.</mdui:Description>
  <mdui:Description xml:lang="en">This service is an example of MDUI information.</mdui:Description>
  <mdui:InformationURL xml:lang="sv">https://www.example.se/info/om.html</mdui:InformationURL>
  <mdui:InformationURL xml:lang="en">https://www.example.se/info/about.html</mdui:InformationURL>
  <mdui:PrivacyStatementURL xml:lang="sv">https://www.example.se/info/integritet.html</mdui:PrivacyStatementURL>
  <mdui:PrivacyStatementURL xml:lang="en">https://www.example.se/info/privacy.html</mdui:PrivacyStatementURL>
  <mdui:Logo height="100" width="100">https://www.example.se/images/logo.png</mdui:Logo>