Hardware options

Help on selecting hardware that fits requirements of campus networks

Arista dist switch options

All Arista switches offers EVPN+VXLAN feature set with the correct license

ModelDownlinksUplinksACL EntriesPacket bufferMACIPv4 RoutesChipsetNotes


48x25G SFP+8x100G QSFP282K32 MB160k

144k host routes

32k LPM

1x Trident3-X5


48x10G SFP+6x100G QSFP2824K4 GB

1x JerichoNot recommended, no overlay multicast support
DCS-7280SR3-48YC8-F48x25G SFP+8x100G QSFP2824K4 GB224k1450k1x Jericho2

https://www.arista.com/en/company/news/press-release/4390-pr-20180329 7050X3 chipset

https://packetpushers.net/broadcom-trident3-programmable-varied-volume/ Trident3 ASIC versions

TCAM / ACL usage on 7050X3

Managed to fit 225 complex ACL entries like "10 permit tcp host host range 1100 1199" (randomized port ranges) in hardware causing 99.8% TCAM usage:

#show platform trident tcam
TCAM group 10 uses 1533 entries and can use up to 3 more.
Router ACL uses 1533 entries.

R-series should be able to fit more than 10X more (not tested)

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